Does Germicidal lamp do the job in eliminating the germs and virus🦠?

18 Apr 2020

Germicidal lamps use a special glass that transmits ultra-violet light in a spectral band that can be effective for sterilization. It is proven technology for the destruction of air-borne bacteria, viruses and mold spores for several years. All the Top Light Source Manufacturers like GE, Philips, Osram have had them in their Special Lamps Portfolio for over a decade.

These lights provide Improved system efficiency when installed in HVAir Conditioning (HVAC) units by reducing bacterial and mold growth. The UVC wavelength of 254 nm will inactivate bacteria,  viruses, mold, and cysts by preventing DNA replication. 

Here are some Germicidal Applications for Water, Air and Surface Sterilization at various verticals.

UVC is used to reduce the spread of disease, protecting both patients and staff. UV fixtures are often found in areas where the risk of infection is greatest; such as immuno-compromised patient areas or where the probability of transmission is high.

Processing Industry:
Food may be irradiated to prevent growth of mold and other dangerous organisms before it is packaged. This helps ensure food safety and extends shelf life. UVC lamps are also used within the facility to limit the exposure of food products to airborne micro-organisms.

Scientific Labs:
In industries that demand a clean, sterile environment, UVC is used to limit the amount of ‘live’ organisms in the air, and to sterilize equipment and surfaces when employees are not in the room.

Industrial, Municipal, Residential Water and Pond Treatment:
Special UVC lamps are used in some treatment applications as a means of disinfection. This technology serves as a replacement for chlorination in waste water treatment and as an additional protective barrier in drinking and process water applications.You can buy  GERMICIDAL LAMP available in qatar, GERMICIDAL LAMP supplier in qatar.